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In today's market you can't afford to miss out on potential customers, especially those that are right under your nose. In lieu of chasing "leads" online and over social media, Bitty provides a way to build your customer base without complicated marketing strategies or time-consuming analysis.

  • sign up

    Sign up through the "Business" dropdown list in menu

  • invite

    Invite supporters to download the app and follow you

  • Share

    Share products, special offers, etc. via push notification

  • Build

    Build relationships through interest around shared items

How it works

Search Directory

While consumer search is the most popular method of online commerce, gaining exposure at this point of contact still remains a tough task for many small businesses. Now you can simply add keywords to your app profile and we will drive the traffic to the app, in effect making it easier for you to get discovered by potential customers.

Online Community

Are you making best use of your social circles? Sign up and invite customers, employees, and organizations (e.g. your church, fraternal chapter, etc.) to follow you over the app. You’ll be able to share push notifications and easily spur dialogue. Simply send us a quick message after you sign up and we’ll invite your organizations for you!

Social Network

As a small business you are unique, and with that lies the potential for finding customers that appreciate your unique qualities. The problem is that most of them don’t know you exist. When users follow businesses and share with others over the app this increases your chances of being discovered by those that have a common interest.

Easily get customer attention and engagement


For Businesses


  • Web-based business account
  • Business Profile on consumer mobile app
  • Profile link to website, phone & address
  • Users can find you with app search tool by name and what you sell (keywords)
  • Make posts to all followers simultaneously and respond to replies
  • Share deals with followers and other users over the app
  • Receive email notifications when users redeem a deal
  • Automate maximum number of times a deal can be used per user
  • Communicate individually with followers through messages

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